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Within the framework of Francophonie   

      Within the frameworks of Francophonie held in March and April and which has already become traditional, the Community city Library organized a literary matinee. The guests were children from Abovyan for whom the library prepared fairy tales. Due to the recommendation of the event, Abovyan city Community Library presented the works of well-known French authors to children. After reading fairy tales, children showed great interest in plot development. The happy and exciting day for children can be said was completely done with the greatest desire to repeat it in the first opportunity.


A few years ago on the initiatives of the Abovyan chess school ,chess tournament was held in the Center of Occupation in Abovyan. This was organized by a famous Frenchman Francois Filedore within the frameworks of the Francophonie in Armenia. The winners of the championship held with the participation of old chess players ,attending the Center of occupation ,received souvenirs and diplomas. Additionally not only chess but also other table game competitions were held in the Center of Occupation.





“ The Tailless Fox” on the stage of Abovyan theater

      On March 16, a premier took place at the dramatic theater in Abovyan. The actors of the theater prepared a new and funny performance for the Abovyan audience: “The Tailless Fox”. Unique solutions, funny dialogues, interesting scenarios and unexpected end of the scenes caused great pleasure both children and adults.

The audience was very impressed with the performance that rushed to take photos with their favourite characters. A new stage in the development of theater life in Abovyan can be recorded, which will soon be replenished with a new presentation schedule.

By Anna Melkonyan

The residents of Abovyan will soon have a new park   

Today there was a tree planting in the Tirdat the Great king’s park. The community leader Vahagn Gevorgyan also attended the tree planting who had a tour around the community to get acquainted with the works.

In the near future the reopening of the park is coming to an end, the mayor walked around the park to get acquainted with the process, listened to the report what was done, gave a number of assignments .

Vahagn Gevorgyan’s pre-election promise will soon become reality giving our townspeople a new summer park.


 Anna Melkonyan

Unknown destinies

    “Unknown destinies” commemorative presentation took place at Abovyan city community library. It tells about 12 heroes missing in Karabakh war from Kotayk region. Being the fourth in the commemoration book, is slightly different from the previous three memoirs with its structure.

Here are presented heroes mothers, sisters, daughters and sons sincere letters to their relatives. The readers become the listeners of those conversations, share the devotional feelings and unrealized dreams of the authors,feel great sorrow and participate in memorable episodes of the author’s life.

Anna Melkonyan