Thank you for joining us in the little magic world of Painting.
We have a message to the people of art and young art lovers.


    We suggest you to get acquainted with our studio program, follow our example, live as we do, because we are standing at the eve of the third millennium and enjoying the incomparable moments presented us by nature which are rendered owing to our professional experiences.
Every now and then we have cultural rest, mix with nature being one of its particles.
We have hard time now, but we are happy endlessly.

Do not hesitate to contact us for additional details about the studio's most recent activities. Exactly, We appreciate your comments and suggestions, and we'll wait for your references.

Email: TBM Studio

Here's Our Address:
Zhora Barseghian
The Teenage Brush Masters Studio
2/14, Saralang St., City Abovian,
Kotaik Region, Republic of Armenia
Tel: +(374-61) 20483, 33900

Tree on Blue

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