2004,the 25-th of May, the Final bell …

This is a time which is the best, indescribable and irrevocable in our life. We must spend these 10 years honestly as they are the poles of our Future.


Being a student, we look at the life with rosy glasses when there is nothing impossible for us and  everything is clear and simple, and we haven’t met the difficulties of life yet.


That day is a holiday in Abovyan city. As always, this day the governor of our city Karo Israelyan and a president of “Multi-group” concern and a Member of the National Assembly G. Tsaroukyan congratulated and sent their best wishes to the school-leavers. That day there was a surprise for the school-leavers of the all 10 schools.


In the evening of the same day a firework and a concert with many famous singers took place in the square of the municipality. All students had high spirits and it seemed as if it wouldn’t finish, but everything has its beginning and the end…

Dear school-leavers!!!!!!!!!! wishes you all the best and advises to look at the world with rosy glasses; be wise and to love each other as LOVE will save the world!!!!!!!

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