Pahmtotsi + (hide-and-seek) in Abovyan

Laughter-it a beauty of the person.
Laughter-it a rose of the person.
Who frequently is not dared that,
The most sad person.

Only one step separates these two extreme measures laughter and pleasure. All world is dared, the native land of laughter – Gyumri is dared, dared “Vaghon”. Let’s for a moment  forget about fat and skim (has asked ” about what? “)  sausage or how many there is an egg (whose?) chicken’s. On a question ” What is necessary to our distressful, broken and much suffered  people, have answered: ” to fall in love. But actually certainly, to laugh. With one of such programs in the city of
Abovyan there has arrived ” Project + “, it is enough to answer that they are guys from  “Pahmtots” ( which means ” hide-and-seek”.
The spectator could not keep the laughing  the whole 1,5 hours, result of such long laughter became a pain in a stomach, here so… At the end of action, hardly constraining laughter, I asked one of actors ” What he would  wish to inhabitants of Abovyan and especially readers of He said: ” Read carefully,otherwise you will put your foot in it, as I did.”
We wish you whole-hearted, unembarrassed and boisterous laugh.

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