Singer – who fascinates almost all the girls’ hearts

This singer has captured the majority of girls.

He is their ideal and idol of worship. His songs are the inspirational source for lovers.

Arsen Safaryan here he is, whose performing likes nearly everyone. I want to confess that he is very artistic, with high intelligence and very handsome.

Arsen Safaryan and his beautiful wife Satenik were guests in Abovyan city.I cant remember exactly the time when the Cultural Centre was overcrowded like that day.The performing was so wonderful and the audience was so excited that after each song the burst of applauses lasted about 5 minutes.

The funs of Arsen were singing with him equally. The audience enjoyed Arsens humor and can get in touch with him which results a warm atmosphere in that cold hall.

It is worthy to mention that the songs of Arsen and Satenik for a long time were at the first place of Hit 10 in Armenian first channel. And as news Arsen is going to leave for France for tour with an invitation.

It seems to me he has many funs there too, but not so much as in Abovyan city, because he could get out of the stage hardly. Arsens show was accompanied by Angela and Manuk who made great attention on the audience with their nice dancing (by the way they danced in different styles).

Judge yourself looking at the photos and write them and 





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