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Our Curious neighbors

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They say:”Good neighbor is better than the worse relative”. Are neighbors so important in our life?

Sometimes we are so superstitious towards them. For instance if in the early morning getting out we come across with the neighbor which we consider the one who transforms only negative energy or we see another neighbor with an empty pail, certainly we think that today our works will have wrong way. We inspire ourselves and surround us with negative aura and that existing energy gives us no rest all the day long. But is this poor neighbor culpable that has gone out for water, as again the dwelling house is deprived of the running water?

There are also brazen-faced and importunate neighbors who visit you whenever it is convenient for them (no matter it is early morning and you are still asleep or it is already evening and you are having a meal) to watch their favorite soap opera as that channel is not showing very well in their apartment.  

There are also so called BBC neighbors who are aware of everything which is going on in the building including the details; why the 4ths floor new neighbor comes home so late and make noise in midnight? These kind of neighbors can find out and illustrate much “dark” questions concerning to the others, like it turned out that the 5ths floor neighbor is selling his apartment to a young musician, surely they are against as thats the last straw and they cant bear his noise. Or the 4th floor neighbors wedding dress was old fashioned and primordial, criticize the parents of the son-in-laws faded flowers, their vulgar and tasteless wearing and so on.

But very often when we are out of mood and excited with some problems, we hurry to ask advice from them and calm our souls down. They support us if not with help listen to us tolerantly.

However, there is much to speak about the neighbors, they were and will be, dont try to re-educate them or to be interested in:”Where is he coming from?” Just try to accept them as they are in reality. Your approach to it shape in humor way and dont forget to smile very often.  


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