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Letter to Santa Claus

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They say Santa Claus has advice for the kids, and why not, for the adults too. And when the year comes to its end, you put carefully one more year into your Memory Box, Santa Claus brings with him another multicolored box, and they say if you ask for Santa your cherished desire, which seems to be so far away and unnoticeable, he is able to fulfill your dream.

You know Santa Claus? My age which is typically based on the coincidence of tender, but at the same time being shaped due to the various waves of the life, hasnt let me write you ever. It is the composition of 40 brigands and 7 dwarfs as a result 47 long and stretched years which made me what I am now. Why 7 dwarfs? Simply my infancy lasted 7 careless and irretrievable years. Why 40 brigands? Simply during these 40 springs I have been the author of numerous adventures. 

I dont know why this year, when the Christmas is so close I have opened my Memory Box and with wet eyes outlived once more the years that have passed irrevocable and this made me think over the past and be more somber – minded and not to repeat the mistakes that I have done for many times. They say the smart person learns with the mistakes of the others, and the stupid one with his. And now I realize, how far from I have been from the concept “Smart”. And for that occasion, with the kids enthusiasm and impatience I ask for you to give me the hand of the clock, I want to give it back in order to correct all the mistakes that were the result of thick brain.

My dear Santa Claus now I understand why you love especially the kids, because they are the birth of love and they fill the family with joy and happiness. And now I ask for you Love; give love to everyone, as they say the heart which is full of love cant commit bad things. Lets believe to these words and… My Santa Claus I want… I want… no, no, it appeared that I want too many things than the kid, but I also believe the realization of my wishes.

My dear Santa I finally understood why I want so much things; I am human being, am I?

with regards Vika




To Santa Claus

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