August 23 national alliance has organized a party in the musical hall

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On 26th of May, the right-protecting non-governmental organization “August 23 national alliance” has organized a party in the musical hall of Abovyan city. It was dedicated to the first Republic of the Armenia. The primary aim was to remember and glorify the participants of the Mays heroic battle once more, to outline the free and independent Republics value once more, to display that everyone has its rights and profit in this world and only the people who has inspired with national dignity can solve the questions and find the way of salvation.


The party was composed of two parts i.e. solemn meeting and artistic part. In the first part had their participation the head of the Abovyan organization Gayane Martirosyan, the Abovyan mayor Karo Israelyan,  the director of the organization Pushkin Serobyan, teacher Anahit Harutunyan, the student of the Pedagogical institute Armine Avetisyan, painter Zhora Barseghyan. 


In the second part of the party had their activities pupils of the Abovyan musical hall after Zareh Sahakyanc (art-director B. Mkhitaryan), children of the Abovyan municipality dancing club “Husher” (art-director E. Avetisyan), pupils from “Akunq” singing studio (art-director M. Badalyan), the pupils from “Erzrum” band (art-director G. Hambaryan).


In the frame of the party was organized an exhibition, where were the works of the Zhora Barseghyans painting studio the title of which was “The Teenage Brush Masters“.




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