The air plane model’s notable display in the airport of Nor Hachn

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The aircraft modeling is a technical sport . It has been developed in past centuries. And since the second half of the 20th century Armenian aircraft modeling has established various records of the world. The Armenian pilots have always been striking and amazing the others with their skills.  


It has already become a tradition to organize the air plane modeling exhibition and competition in the airport of Nor Hachn every year, where participate people from different cities of the Armenia, from the age 11. The start of 2005 was devoted to the 60th anniversary of the Great Victory. The general sponsor of this competition was Arminco and the subsidiary was the center of battle – defending.


Thought the Air plane Federation is the member of the Olympic community, the head of which is Haykaz Balyan, marked that no financial support is being done by the government which will promote to the future development of the air plane modeling.  


The more noticeable fact for us and for the participants was that the Hayk Air plane Company was there also, which put into working technical and team activities after three months intermission with the plane XA-32 BEKAC. The experienced pilot Avetisayn Mushegh showed a wonderful flight and proved once more that XA -32 is ready for future flights. The head of the Hay Air plane company Revazyan Eduard informed that they had just come from Kharkov and are going to develop their works concerning to XA-32 model, to regulate Air plane photo-castings and use it as a transport. There are 6 air plane modeling labs in Armenia but XA-32 is still the unique and only exemplar (it’s very practical in its shape) and if there’ll be sponsors it’ll be possible to create new models.  


We were delightful for one more fact i.e. the children of the Abovyan air plane modeling group will participate in this competition on June 25th and will show their models. We are waiting forward to their great success, good luck.




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