Abovyan urban polyclinic

“Abovyan urban polyclinic” was founded in 1965 and was called “Regional central hospital”. In 1996 was realized amendments and separate independent units were created. In 2000 polyclinic involved some villages branches. The head physician of “Abovyan urban polyclinic” Mr. R. Hovhanissyan will answer to our questions.  

          How is the doctor-patient relationship?

          If there used to be a period when the patient stir up because of the financial problems, spoiled relationship, now its in good state. Usually the patient is satisfied. They get normal treatment from the side of the doctor, everything is just great.

          Are there dissatisfied cases and which are the causes?

          Often it exists only concerning to financial problems, but in the last 6 months I didnt come across with such kind of cases. There are cases when having illegal documents the appliers demands are not meet and they complain.

          In which principals the patient makes use of state-order?

          The government compiles and confirms the list of the people who will make use of the state-order. The patient represents corresponding documents and gets the treatment free of charge. The list is so wide that nearly everyone gets it.

           What possibilities does the state-order offer except treatments free of charge?

          It offers also medicines. Moreover we are strongly interested in it, as we worry that couldnt manage to spend the money transferred by the state.

          And the ones who cant make use of state-order, do they have discounts?

          Our polyclinic has a flexible cost system which we adjust to the people possibilities.  If they cant make use of state-order, they represent the application and get the check of discounts.

          Do you organize events concerning the free of charge treatments for the patients?  

          Government makes provisions for it also. There exist “Open doors” day, when patients get medical aid and suitable prescriptions. Here we are also interested in.

          Are there cases when its necessary to transfer the patient to the other hospital?

          Of course yes, if the state of the patient is so serious, that there arent suitable professors and conditions, they should be transferred to the other hospital. 

          Which advantages and disadvantages has the polyclinic?

          Our institution has the highest salary comparing with the others. Lately the building has heating. We have normal equipments taking it in regional level, which are less. We have problems concerning to the roof repair, there are others problems as well.  

          As a doctor what advises do you have for the citizens of the Abovyan?

          The health is the most expensive capital. Id like that the people trust us, come for consultations and get the complete assistance as appealing in time you wont waste much money.  




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