Mashtots 1600- Ceremony in School No 6

This year is the 1600 anniversary of the alphabet Mesrop i.e. the invention of Armenian scripts. And of course the headmaster of the school # 6 Greta Kroyan who is at the same time the teacher of Armenian language and literature cant forget it. 

For this great occasion on the 10th of November, in school # 6   was held a matinee dedicated to the Armenian first teacher Mesrop Mashtots. From the beginning of this event the guests got a single rose and card.Pupils of different age and grade participated in this event and they successfully put on the stage the history of the invention of Armenian scripts.

There were also present the grown-ups like the teacher of gymnastics, the head of the schools parent-community, the leader of the kids band “Erzrum” Grigor Hambaryan, who as usual admired the audience with his perfect voice and again alarmed ” Death to enemy” with his unique slogan.

The respectable guest of the matinee was Sergo Yericyan – the ministry of education of Armenian Republic, the head of the administration of general education, the head of the Kotayk regional councils educational administration, leading specialists of educational administration, the schools headmasters, teachers, parents and other guests

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