Fate of the kindergarten

Goal of any educational institution is to bring up and educate the new accretive generation by sowing in them moral high qualities: kindergartens have serious investments into this work which are furthering to that quality formations still baby.

One of kindergartens of the Saralanj is the 2nd kindergarten of the conglomerate, which has committed since 1975 and has kept his existence up to 1989. It has had Armenian and Russian departments and it has been the one who planted trees and scrubbed wholly.

At the beginning of 1990 after the liquidation there has been a goal to build a hospital in the kindergartens building which, it’s a pity, hasnt been fulfilled and that delightful building has been transformed to the wreckage.

For many years it has been known as an abandoned building and number of the babies served as playing and hiding place down. At the beginning of 2004 the area of the wreckage kindergarden was privatized, walled and partly repaired and now it becomes an acting building. Surprisingly now it has become storehouses instead of the previous kindergarten where are imported and kept different assortments basically food stuff and economic goods. The storehouses supply to the functioning shop of the webs in the Abovyan city as well as different trading houses of the other cities.

Its certainly sorrowful, that the educational place transforms to the wreckage carrying the impress for many years, then becoming a business property. But from the other side, its gratifying, that other constructions rise up on the foundation of them and now we see an acting building instead of the wreckage.

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