Happy Easter

Easter is marked  to be the  series of movable holidays of the Armenian Christian church which is celebrated from the march 22 up to 25 April, after the full moon – the first Sunday  which  is preceding by the Forty days Lent, during these period the believers abdicate the animal food and  harmful customs as a way of confessing their crimes . This year Easter is celebrated on the 12th of April. In Easter Eve, as a tradition, the table is full of delicacies, fish, red painted eggs and red wine, which symbolize Christ’s blood for the rescue of the world. The churches including Abovyan’s St. Stepanos church gave a special Mass devoted to the Christs resurrection.

 The Easter was transformed to full holiday for the inhabitants of the Abovyan “Narek” nursing home. First the pedagogical collective of the Abovyan 4th school with the supremacy headmaster Norayr Qeshishyan visited them in the morning bringing with them clothes and food-stuffs as a present and the second half of the day the nursing home received guests from Yerevan with the leadership of Liana Babayan, an author of the “Khjankar” TV programme, who brings a joy and happiness in her constant visits to the nursing home. After having congratulated the grandmothers and grandfathers for this holiday the guests put at their disposal sweets and Liana Babayan presented them handmade souvenirs done by herself.

The director of the nursing home Shoghik Miqayelyan thanked to all of them (whose charity is really to be praised) who hadnt been indifferent towards them.


In our turn we congratulate the all the Christians for this movable feast Happy Easter.

Easter gives hope for tomorrow,
As after the winter comes Spring.
Our hearts can be filled with gladness
As hearts rejoice and sing.

 Happy Easter!

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