The Abovyan’s alumni of pop and jazz art

The Abovyan’s alumni of pop and jazz art with the leadership of composer and singer Mamikon Badalyan, appeared on the cover of Temple, first edition, illustrating literary, educational-cultural institutions which came out in 2009.

 In the region of Kotayk the school-studio is the only educational institution in this gender which has begun its activities since 1998 in the frame of the Abovyan intellectual union and since 2001 it has become self-dependent cultural organization.

Now in this school-studios departments; pop, popular singing, tool-making, cloth and art modeling study more than 150 alumnus.


During 10 years activities the alumnus of this school- studio have participated in different savory and republican events representing their concert programme both in Abovyan and outside if it like as Yerevan , Artsakh, Djavakhq.

They have recorded 5 CDs, video clips, organized different kind of competitions. 35 graduates have got musical higher education and now as specialists run in this sphere. Due to the interview of Mamikon Badalyan attached in Tampel; The importance of this work is to discover children with musical abilities.

The parents of the children having endowed with musical addictions are not capable to give musical education in the surrounding settlements of the Abovyan. In sequence we include them within their preferred groups and transfer them qualified knowledge.  


At the end we can add only with gladness why not with pride that the composer Mamikon Badalyan’s creative and pedagogical activities and gifted children are known not only in Abovyan, in the regions of Abovyan, but throughout the Armenia and abroad. So we wish them all the best in their musical carrier.

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