The final concert of “Husher”, “SA”, “Avetis”, “Simba”

On the 15th of July the final concert of dancing clubs ( “Husher“, “SA“, “Avetis“,”Simba“) took place in the center of Cultural-House of Abovyan.

This was an annual concert where the participants essential and definite purpose was the final concert for their parents and citizens.

The winner of many international dance competitions – “Husher” dancing club ( the art director Edgar Avetisyan) accosted and pleased the audience with their gentle movements.

As for “Avetis” dance club, it was art and part in this concert for the first time. The atmosphere was warm and pleasant : “Simba” represented Latino American dances, “SA” national. One should enjoy these talented little creatures on the stage, who put their spirit and soul in it.

It was the result of their hard work during the year.


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