The galaxy of abstract and half-abstract paintings

During the 44 years of his life Rafik Qeshishyan has managed to create a whole galaxy of abstract and half-abstract style paintings, where mainly through red, grey and violet tints the psychologist and philosopher artist has indispensably added musical air.

Symphonic music played on low volume helps him work, and if not a painter, he would definitely be a musician today.

And it’s not accidental that he would love to live in Ancient Period, where art developed naturally, while now “life is full of artificial things, and one spends 80% of his life on eliminating them”. Qeshishyan thinks that masterpieces in art are only born after spiritual vexations.




A prerequisite for painting for Qeshishyan is the presence of

mysterious moments.

He has always striven to be in emotional environment, to fetch mysterious moments and thus make his paintings mysterious too.

At the same time Rafik really wants people to understand and share the ideas and emotions expressed in his works, for there to be an artist-admirer mutual connection, mutual understanding.

While in really, not everyone is so gifted to be able to walk through those mysterious fogs, and even more, cannot see the tempting light far away… The mysterious artist with his mysterious ideas…  And he loves the works of Kandinski and Rembrandt only because “there are so many undiscovered gaps in their works”.

He paints during all the hours of the day, but away from noise, and when he paints, with his body and soul he penetrates into that mysterious world, and comes back only after reaching the top of the mountain…

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