Khachen Artsakhetsi


Khachen Artsakhetsi was born in 1947 in Metsshen village of Martaket region. Upon graduating the local school he had tried to enter Drama Institute, but thanks to good luck he didn’t, instead he succeded in entering the Art Academy after Terlemezian.


When an actor strives for a play with all his heart, only then the play would be on the theatre stage.  Here he plays on the painting stage, playing with people’s emotions through landscapes, portraits and collages.

His talent for painting was first noticed by the great Armenian artist Minas Avetissyan, when one of his favorite paintings, the “Naturemorte with Lamp” was finished. Painting for Khachen is not an important part of the life, but is the life itself, a painful and sorrowful life, because as the artist thinks “worthy paintings are born only through sorrow”.


While painting every day he tries to introduce something new in his work, trying to keep up with the great French artist Manet’s criteria: “If an artist doesn’t add something new to his work every day, then he can forget about painting at all”.


Khachen paints since 7 AM till late in the evening, trying to be as much as possible under the daylight. Right now he is working on a series of pop art “cafes”. “When I paint,  the most important thing for me is that I like it, even when I am doing portraits, there is no way I can avoid putting something mine into it”.


Khachen is very attached to his family. Two of his three daughters have chosen the same path for their career, and when his son was called up to the army, he didn’t paint for two weeks, while painting equals breathing itself…

Khachen has had several exhibitions in Armenia and abroad and is presently getting ready to leave for abroad with new great ideas.

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