The Creative World In The Youth Center of Fine Arts

The House of Young Pioneers was founded in 1982 and only in 1991 it was renamed to “The Youth Center of Fine Arts” (YCFA), the head is Artak Mouradyan.


Each year 200 students finish their works and at the end of each year an accountable concert takes place.

There are many professional groups in YCFA such as aircraft modeling, center of scouts, “Hadis” Dance Ensemble, hairdressers work, cookery, pastry-cookery, chess group and so on.

This year the wards of YCFA also prepared an accountable concert. In the entrance-room the students of such groups as dress modeling and design (the art-adviser is Srbuhi Sargsyan) and aircraft modeling (the art-adviser is Gagik Adyan) presented the works that had been done for the last two years.

The Exhibition was called “The Creative World”. This was the world with Armenian style and soul . There were works of macrame, crocheting, knitting and others. In the hall there was a surprise for everybody: Scouts under Armenian anthem had presented the second part of this measure. Then our little Armenian girls with dances presented “Hadis” Dance Ensemble (the art adviser is Anna Ghulyan). Many times “Hadis” was awarded diplomas and letters of thanks, participated in different festivals. And that day the head of YCFA handed them the honor certificate for being enthusiastic in such activities. The dress modeling and design groups also deserved such honor certificate. There was also music group playing some musical compositions of Bach, Mozart.

The students of hairdressers group presented the works with their unique hair models and design.

There were also some other guests among which were the Song Ensemble of “Ersrum” (the head is Grigor Hambaryan), the soloist Gohar Sargsyan and the Holy Father, the monk Eprem Sargsyan (the ecclesiastical manager of Kotayk Marz).

We hope that The Youth Center of Fine Arts will show more activity and instead of 200 students it will have increadibly more students!!!

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