Navasard-2004 Fashion Exhibition

You have already got acquainted with the beauty salon ” Elona”, its activity which lasts almost 7 years, its unique style which the head Elona Pavlovna wishes to present to the society. Of course it should be greeted with pleasure as she wants to send us away from stagnated ideology ( but not national roots) and present a real beauty in modern way.

This time “Elona” beauty salon and the Abovyan courageous girls presented a party in “Ghars” restaurant where were assist at 130 persons.

The party was devoted to the Armenians old holiday New Year known as “Navasard”, which the Armanians used to celebrate on august 21st . 12 Beauties made the party ” Navasard” pretty charming as they were showing the cloths festive, avance guard and bridle. But the responsible affair was in the hand of the jury. From the 12 Beauties Karine Avetisyan was titled ” Miss. Navasard” and Anush Tadevosyan ” Miss. Pretty” and ” beautiful hairdo”.

At the end of the party the Beauties gave their presents to their sponsors “Ghars” restaurant complex, “Avazar”, “Arsi cola”, “Van” and “Art print” companies, “Noy” hotel complex and “Hmayq” (Charm) flora service. During the Abovyan singers made the atmosphere more pleasant with their songs.

Thanks all the organizers, sponsors and of course the participants who gave such an interesting and unforgettable day to us.


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