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 National – cultural festival took place on august 4-23 which involved kids – theatrical national festival  named ” Nran Hatik”.

Abovyan’s ” Hay Aveteranchakan” association’s Christian education’s center called ” Nazinik” theatrical – club ( the head A. Karapetyan) participated in this festival. They presented the ” Asoghin lsogh a petq- (It is need to listen Sayers) ” performance, written by H. Tumanyan.

Abovyan’s little artists had performed 5 plays and dazzled and astonished the audience with their acting, that’s why they had got a right to participate in this festival as well, due to their diligence and artistry. ” Hran Hatik” kids – theatrical festival played a great role in Abovyan’s little artist’s life. It became the most memorable fest for them.

It is worthy to mention that this festival has taken place also in many towns like Khor Virap, Edzmiatsin, Vanadzor, Charencavan etc. The atmosphere was too lovely that the audience burst into applauses. Surely it was pretty nice performance.




After the play the Abovyan dance – club – ” Husher” decorated the stage with their perfect, daisy



dance. The singing – club ” Akunq” was also present here. They couldn’t leave without giving their wonderful songs to their citizens. One could only see this, because the happiness was sparkling on the children’s faces.


It was a real joy especially for children.


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