Annual Concert of Akunk Studio

The autumn has brought to our city the crazy life of art. As usual the art lovers are very active especially in spring and in autumn as if their feelings are in their zenith. 

The studio “Akunq” (Source), (art-leader Ashot Arustamyan) invited his art lovers to the Abovyan Art Center on November the 9th, where they presented the concert which was the result of the current year (8-20 years old children). The concert included songs of various genres. The future musicians study in this studio histrionic art, behavior, the history of art, acting skill, vocal, solfego etc. which they demonstrate to the judgment of the audience twice a year.

– Everything that I have given in the course of the year I cant say that I see the total result of it. But it is natural as the children enlarge their skills during the concerts, performing on tours and of course during the years. I wish them storm of applauses, big stages and too many audience.  (Ashot Arustamyan).


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