Unfinished Qochary: Varouj Aghajanyan

“In order to avoid the war one should always be ready to it”.

Varouj Aghajanyan’s CD involves this kind of feelings which is devoted to the 90th anniversary of Genocide, and the name is very typical to the Armenians:”Unfinished Qochary” (qochary is an Armenian national dance). CD consists of 12-14 spiritualistic songs. And why especially it is devoted to the Genocide? As we are Armenians, and whenever we are the cry of the heart and the revenge dominates in our souls expressing in its own way in each of us. And every time when I speak to him I feel that he expresses his emotions with pain, in his inner world the gene of 1915 is firmly taken its place and these songs, poems( devoted to Garegin Ndzdeh, the memory of the victims of Genocide etc) give rise his hidden feelings. But as Varuj mentioned, there is no need to cry, mourn, while speaking of Genocide, we should straggle, be more courageous, and be sober in order not to repeat the “Second” Genocide.


Varouj are planned to publish a book of poems full of patriotism. And the election of the book’s title, he let you discuss yourself our dear friends, so you can offer your titles after having got acquainted with his works. He asked also your support to find producer who will give him chance to make his art public property.


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