New Book:Mr. Silkworm

This is the case when the man led not only the life of the simple flower which came out of the ground but also he led the life of the meteor of the sky that was born to lighten to everybody with his kindness. And when the contradictions arise and go deeper, they are torturing from pain and weakness, and the fragile heart cant resist to it…They go directly to the sky in order to find the answers of their suffered souls task…

Sergey Hovhannisyan is one of those unique souls. Unfortunately now he is not with us. He spent his pithy life in Abovyan city and had his eternal sleep all of a sudden without being 55 years of age.

And in Abovyan city, in the musical school held the presentation of Sergey Hovhanessyans book which was called “Mister Silkworm”.  The book which involves the essays and short stories came into being with the support of his wife and children. The line which tie the mortals birthdays and deaths numbers together (1948-2003) has pithy advice in it. This marvelous human being was creating every morning. After having read his book one can notice that he divided man from nature, he was speaking every time with the space as if he constantly had connection with the sky. He tried to understand everything and primary task was to understand human being. His essential advantage and quality was emphasis the kindness and the morality.

He wrote:”Human being wants to live regulated, in harmony and peace. But many objective and subjective factors arise and prevent our desires from realizing…”




The words – essence, intuition is very familiar and common words in Hovhanessyans vocabulary, as it forms the inner world of man and then became word, line, thought, amazement, and give joy to his readers.

His thoughts are very numerous and deep concerning to the humans interrelation. “We love LIFE, we want to live and live… but what is the so called life that we depend on it so firmly… Who has gifted it us? Were we born due to blind chance or destiny…? And generally what is the destiny? Is it the isolated fragment of spaces project which will come into being inevitably?” – meditates Sergey.

He left too much things unfinished in earth but our dear Sergey left eternal love in this book. Glory and bending to his memory which was a light.

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