The realization of the death is already immortality…

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Suren Mnacakanyan (1964 1994) one personality who had vivid imagination, he was poet, teacher, trainer and fighter for freedom. After having worked in the schools like 5 and 10, he was embodied in his pupils memories as a hero. Suren had participated in the liberation of the battles Kornidzor, Lachin, Martakert, Qalbajar and heroically died in 1994, April 24, during the emancipation of the Martakerts northern part. Without sparing his life, he fell a pray of fire and passed for 26 times in that hell way in order save his friends…alas the 27 was fatal…

Suren Mnacakanyan was awarded to a posthumous medal “Courage” in the 8th anniversary of the Armenian Independence. In this case it says:”When man dies, they dont remember him”, but till now Surens relatives, friends, pupils and actually people who even once had possibility to share bread with him speak about Suren. And this is really immortality…    


Now his wife Rubina Harutunyan and his tree children live in Abovyan city. Madam Harutunyan is a teacher and leads social activity. She is the author of two calendars which are devoted to the memory of the fighters for freedom. The first calendar was “Dedication”, devoted to his husbands 40 anniversaries. Rubina tells “It is devoted to a person who was poet with soul, loved the life, but he loved his fatherland more. Without sparing his youth and the lives of his tree children, he sacrificed himself to liberation of the fatherland”. Here were published Surens poems. For publishing second calendar, Rubina Harutunyn left for Arcakh in order to get in touch with the places and people with whom the fighters for freedom lived.

They are not forgotten in Abovyan. Here the schools are renamed after them, many memory matinees and competitions are organized. Bette – fights two competitions are dedicated to the memory of Suren Mnacakanyan. Both the competitions and the calendars are undertaken by madam Harutunyan with the sponsoring of Gagik Tsarukyan (the deputy of the National Assembly) whom madam Harutunyan expresses her gratitude. She likes also embroider which is typical to Armenian woman.

She dreams to open small production where the wives of dead fighter for freedom will work, will sell their hand made works (as the majority is unemployed) and can easy their cares and of course will puzzle and astonished the world with their embodiment.





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