Gyumri lives with art

This year completes 16 years of devastating earthquake. Disaster which has left its trace not only to the Armenians psychology, but also to its new generation who hasnt seen the earthquake but today they can picture it.

The art of Gyumri lives and will live as it is sowed in every citizens blood of Gyumri firmly since the days of yore. It has been and will be one of the art centre which will born many Mher Mkrtchyans, Samvel Sevadas and such celebrated faces who will give new soul and birth to Gyumri and the whole Armenians.

Today was laid down the foundation of art – life between Abovyan and Gyumri. In Abovyan art school were on a invite the painters (children) of Gyumris art school after Mayakovski, which was founded in 21st century and it was the fist art school for Caucasus. Prospective Gyumri exhibition was devoted to 16 anniversaries of earthquake. The staff of Gyumris art school was also here with the head of Hovhannes Galstyan and the head of art department of Gyumris municipality Sedrak Sahakyan.

The major Mr. Israelyan greeted the guests with bread and salt and in a friendship atmosphere they discussed the cultural life of Abovyan and Gyumri, arose out also their problems and successes… Then the guests paid an honorary visit to the memory of the victims and put the flowers in the monument of earthquake. The following greeting place was the art school where the children of art school after
Mayakovski exhibited their pictures. The pictures express – sorrow, straggle against life and death, the calamity of earthquake, and also old Armenian Gyumri with its daily life.

One important thing; the director of Gjumris art school mentioned that they have plan to exhibit the works of these two citys children in the Yerevan Painting Community.

Nevertheless thank both the organizers and the guests for activating the Abovyan cultural life, and also the fact that they show the children way of the life who has already known and appreciated old Armenian culture.


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