The globe turns round that word- LOVE…


Dolefulness, melancholy, love, tenderness, dreaminess…

Who hasnt spoken about the Love and whom door it hasnt knocked… And everything in the world becomes one word;

the globe turns round that word- LOVE…And as a result of it we were born and live.

The concert had the theme love which took place in 13th of November, in the Kids creative centre.

The participants were a group of singers. The party was called “The autumn melody”, and really the atmosphere was like an autumn both with the decoration and the selection of the songs. They were so touching and doleful that took nearly everyone to the most secret and tender corner of their hearts. The songs were of various genres. The singers were both beginners and already established ones (Gohar Harutunyan, Norair Hovhanesyan, Marine Eghoyan and the others).

And we wish all of you GREAT LOVE and all the colours of the autumn


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