The Abovyan kid’s sporting – dance group

It is very surprising, as it seamed to that we have finished our searching in the sphere of famous dance groups existing in Abovyan city. But no, in this case we are mistaken (I am happy that we are mistaken only in the cases like this), as in Abovyan we have many individuals and groups that we present you – our dear compatriots, with great pleasure. The group which we are going to tell was founded in 1984, on august 3rd, in the Kid’s creative centre. The sporting – dance group – the founders are sister and brother Shoghik and Tigran Hakobyans. Isn’t it interesting to have so many talented people in this small city? They say: “The bad thing should exist in order to notice the good one”, in this case the bad one is that in Abovyan city nobody paid any attention to this group or supported them. When at the first time we were present at their rehearsals both the children and their parents met us with great enthusiasm.

Unfortunately today Tigran Hakobyan is not here with us physically but his works are still alive; we promise that we’ll reverberate to Tigran’s inheritance later. Tigran died during the liberation of Artsakh battle in 1992, May 1st. They say while fighting Tigran was dancing as well, as whenever he shoots the enemy died immediately.


At the very foundation of this dance group, it became very popular. They had been on tours both in Armenia and outside. Like they have been:

-In 1986 they have been in Leningrad. They have represented; national, ballroom dances, European dances and have won the first place, and they were cup-holder in that ceremony.

-In 1987 in Kiev, they were awarded an order as a winner, and the children received medals for being the best. (Among 15 Republics they were recognized as a winner).

-In 1988, the group was invited to Kiev with tours and got as a present the picture “Dynamo”, the original of which Germans had burnt.


The sporting dance group had participated in one of the Armenian’s most beautiful ceremony i.e. Wedding Party where the children danced national dances with the bride and son-in-low under the bells of the Gayane church (In Egmiatsin). They have also participated in the Yerevan big stages – the ceremony “Yereven-Erebuny”, festivals like “Days of Kotayk”. In 2002, on June 10th in Tsakhkadzor, in the yard of the church “Kechares”, the group opened the ceremony. It was very brave step for the children to be the first among 80 dance groups. In 2002-2004 they also participated in the festival “Renascence”.


As the children always were very active and they tended everywhere be the first, the National TV channels invited them to take part in various TV shows. In one word they had too much participations; I don’t want to annoy you.

But unfortunately this group didn’t have and don’t have supporters, only the parents of the children were the sponsors. Here study 2.5-3 years old children up to grown- ups. It hasn’t amateurish groups, only professional ones.  

The dancing – master Shoghik Hakobyan has danced in the “State dance “, “Crane” groups, and in 1980 participated in Olympiad when she was only teenager. And with 500 dancers danced “Qochari” (Armenian national dance), like one person. Now Shoghik is the member of the Armenian Dance Community.

She wishes the children always smile, beautiful posture, nice attractive legs which are typical to Armenians and great achievements.

She also thanked the for noticing them, as we have already mentioned that the group was ignored totally in Abovyan city. The abovyan .com was the only one who appreciated their art, although they had many concerts in Abovyan. In 1985 with the French group in the yard of the Kid’s creative centre they danced waltz with 320 persons.


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