Armen Rostomyan (1972 – 2004)

 Armenian Version is Here

He won the enemy, but the destiny…               

Yes, the Destiny is mighty and insuperable, and it is impossible to avoid it.

Armen Rostomyan – name which comprises an advice in it and will be immortalized in our souls. His name is famous in pages of Artsakh battle. When he was still a teenager, he was endowed with unique love towards his fatherland. He couldn’t tolerate his friends’ careless life and chose very hard way i.e. lead political activities. He hadn’t tasted the sweats of the youth while his friends were enjoying the life, his brain was always full of National numerous questions. He combined the study and the politics together; he had graduated from the Abovyan “Electronic equipment’s” college, then the university after G.Narekatsy.

In 1988 he was one of the activities of “Armenian National Movement”, and the member of “The Youth Community of Surviving for Existence”.

In 1990 he was classified to the roles of the Armenian Revolutionary Federation (ARF). As he had inflexible will – power, in 1991 became one of the volunteer solder of the Artsakh. With the head of Shahen Meghryan he participated in the deliberation of the Shahumyan villages like Buzlukh, Manashid and Erqez. Handsome Armen was one of the brave and devoted fighters for freedom of the Artsakh protection.

In 1992 he had been one of the comrades – in – arms of the Shushi battalion, and with the commander Jirair Sefilyan combated for the self-defence of the Martakert’s Srkhavend village. During the heated and unequal fights he had been at the first position. On September the 3rd, the enemy’s bullet had wounded his yaw and left shoulder-blade severely. He had taken to the Stepanakert immediately after – Yerevan. His wounds were very heavy, and his life was insecure. But the twenty years old Armen who had tempered in the life-and-death issues could survive and overcome the difficulties. After a long-time treatment he continued his activities devoted to his nation.

In 1993-1994 he was the responsible for sporting committee and the head of the youth’s union of the Abovyan city. In 1996-1997 he worked as a physical education’s instructor in school number 5.

In 1997 Armen and some of fighters for freedom left the fatherland (circumstances made). The wheel of the fate took them to the foreign country where they found a shelter. The homesick Armen was living in one of the German cities. He was living and working with foreigner and during many years had managed to gain their respect. He represented them our massacre and sorrows, culture and civilization.

Armen was married, but he couldn’t manage to feel the sweetness of being Father when the cruel destiny knocked his door.

In 2004 July the 1st, one dreadful day, as usual he kissed his wife, left the home without thinking that it would be the last kiss. He had gone to get the result of his labour, but alas, he hadn’t returned…

After 15days, without forming his 32 years, his corpse was founded in one of the rivers of the Germany. The brutal and violent news shocked everyone…

Who had done that barbarian step? Why…? When… and where…?
Questions -that left unknown, the real answer of which he had taken with him.

This courageous young survived in the life –and-death issues and even won the enemy. But after many years he appeared in the clutches of the fate and fell a sacrifice to the destiny.

Dear Armen you will live in our hearts forever. This is due to you that our nation lived in peace during the Artsakh battle. Let’s remember the wise words of Great Garegin Nzhdeh:” The nation that doesn’t adore its saint deaths has no right to live”.

Let God bless your soul dear friend.

It is devoted to the memory of the friend of my husband Ara Petrosyan and me.

(Janna Simonyan, London- 2004).


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