A sound mind in a sound body

The Armenian Republican Party (ARP) marks its 15 years activity, and for that occasion many parties are being organized in every region of the Armenia. The competition which was carried out in the Abovyan Energetic collage pursued just that aim realized by the Shotokan Karate Federation of Kotayk region, president Samvel Hayrapetyan.

In that tournament displayed their participations Karatedo Federation of Vanadzor, the Armenian “Situriu” Karate Federation, the Kotayk “Shotokan” Karate federation, the Charencavan Karate sport-club and “Okinavyan” Shotokan Karate Federation. The participants of the competition are children of 7-15 years who were competing for the first, second and third places and the branch of Republican Party granted the prizes. There were present the vice president of the Armenian Olympic community Razmik Stepanyan, the president of the Kotayk sport community Suren Prazyan and the president of the ARP Armen Grigoryan.


A sound mind in a sound body, this is the pledge of the health.

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