Open air exhibition in Abovyan city

Armenian version is here

On May 27 had been an open air exhibition of the Abovyan kids painting school devoted to the Independence Day of the Republic of Armenia. It was also a serious statement for the children of this school and mainly for the director of the painting school Aris Karapetyan who really justified the hopes of the Abovyan society. In the opening of the exhibition was present the citys intelligence.

The children of the painting school basically were on the 4th and 5th grade i.e. Ann Tadevosyan, Hasmik Muradyan, Hovsep Harutunyan, Nvard Nikoghosyan, Ani Soghomonyan etc. For educating the young children made a contribution also their teachers Arman Manukyan, Gayane Arustamyan, Artak Nersisyan, Ovsanna Arustamyan, Ani Baghdasaryan etc.


Each children is interesting and unique in their own way, boundless space where fall to teachers lot to discover their potential abilities.



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