9th of May, double Victory Day

The history of the mankind is filled with wars and calamities, which make a trace to each nations biography, mentality and national identity. This is more valuable when one enjoys the joyfulness of the victory.


For the Armenian people 9th of May is double victory: first its courageous childs participation and victory in the Paternal great war and also the liberation of Shushi, Artsakh war, which are underlining and making more important the holiday of 9th of May.


As every year, this year also in Abovyan city honored march was organized to the remembrance monument for eternalizing the victims of the Paternal Great War, followed by the attendance to the monument devoted to the once scarified in the heroic battle of Shushi.  March of the respect was finished in Elar at the monument of Paternal Great War, the flowers and wreaths were put for commemorating the victims.


The mayor of the Abovyan city K. Guloyan, the Abovyan land-defender volunteers union, the veterans’ council of the Kotayk region, the Abovyan student’s council, collectives of different schools and ordinary citizen participated in this march. The pupils “Njdehikner” of the 6th school: 5th A, were presenting specific mood to this march. The kids underlined the victorious day’s advice throughout their military uniforms and the patriotic songs. But the holiday mood was not finished in this way. The concert was organized for the honor of the veterans with the sponsorship of Prospective Armenian Community, President Gagik Tsarukyan and the Abovyan student’s council, president Venera Gyulinyan. The event was convoyed by the musical and dance presentation, for the V-Day, the veterans were gifted the monetary award and speeches of reciprocal congratulations; “Today we are celebrating the V-Day and for this occasion we congratulate all of you. We have 55 veterans who put their heart and soul to won the war. They worth the victory and conquests theyve achieved,  glory and honor to all of you” mentioned Kim Balayan, the president of veterans union of Kotayk region. 

For sure these victories were gained with the expensive price i.e. blood, so congratulations for this holiday and vive to all the victims. One of the veterans mentioned in his speech:” Peace to Armenian nation, let the coming generation has prospective life and always be together”.  


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