Final bell-2009

The May 23rd, a sunny spring day, the bell rang more aloud as usual at all the schools of the Armenian highlands.

It was completely different and everything was like a dream of childhood. The graduators, teachers and parents were excited.

At the day of the “Final bell” in all the schools of Abovyan city was a total bustle either. Everywhere were the evident reciprocal congratulations and simultaneous tears of the happiness and sadness, crazy memories of the school life, there were dances, songs and congratulation speeches towards the teacher.

The deputy G. Tsarukyan, the mayors of Abovyan city K. Guloyan and the regional governor of Kotayk K. Shahgaldyan expressed their congratulatory joint messages: “Dear graduators the desired moment came, you graduate the school and the new life begins for you; Be honest and fair and surmount all the obstacles appearing on your life way; you are the coming generation and we should be proud of you. God bless all of you”.

The “Final Bell” holiday was followed by the traditional luxurious celebration which was finished with gorgeous fireworks in the square of municipality.  

The graduators were really touched and one of them mentioned” I dont think there is someone who doesnt feel anything in this day but I assure you sincerely, I feel nothing now, only I want that everything stops as its so beautiful”.

Unfortunately its not possible to stop the time but this day perpetually will stay graduators memories forever.

We congratulate to RAs and especially the graduators of the Abovyan city for the “Final Bell” wishing a strong will, new acknowledges and acquisition in all the fields and overcome all the difficulties in future.

Good chance all of you and welcome to a new life.

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