Abovyan celebrated the 75 anniversary of the poet Lyudvig Duryan

The annual concert of the 2009 year took place on the 26-th of June with the participation of the alumni of Pop and Jazz art studio of Abovyan in the hall of the cultural centre of Abovyan city, with the title of “Hayastan-Mayr”, and in the lobby was exhibited the student works of the fine art and clothes designing department.

The concert was devoted to Lyudvig Duryan’s 75 years, who was Armenian famous poet, the respected citizen of the Kotayk district. Though this year on the 21-th of June was the 76 years of poet, but the organizer and composer of the concert Mamikon Badalyan underlined the importance of  famous people to young generation. For assisting it have already expected Duryan’s days and till the next year will be celebrated poet’s 75 years.

At the concert were present jubileer, the composer Aida Mnacakanyan, the members of Writer Union, the editorial member of  “Tadjar” paper, the members of “Tir” club of the representatives of culture and art, members of Journalists Union, and in general citizens of Abovyan, who estimated poetry and music.

During the ceremony were mostly sang a songs with Duryan’s words, most of them were conveyed with dance, and were 4 songs premier. During the concert were different surprises. How the poet Hovhannes Saroyan said at first in the history of Armenia “Tadjar “paper‘s and “Tir” club’s in the result of joint decision hereafter will hand a golden medal to the talented people, and the first was handed to poet L.Duryan.


The poet in his turn served surprise handing the diplomas to the studio graduates.


The last surprise was served to the whole presents: at the end of the concert at first was sung the anthem of Kotayk ( H.Saroyan, music by M.Badalyan) and the spectators greeted it standing.

After the concert the poet L.Duryan devoted impression with

“I am happy for being present in such wonderful ceremony today. Such happiness can never be forgotten. I’m sure that it will not be the last, as it is great to have such generation: the girls are beautiful as reed, the boys are handsome either, and jointly they are singing, dancing and reading wonderful.

All of this springs from the heart. I’m very glad that part of it is devoted me. I’ll bless every day, which in my country, in my Kotayk world; in my Armenia this happiness will be endless: creation happiness.”

At the end we join to all congratulations and we wish health to our great poet, new and new creations and long life.



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