It is already 38 years since in the 17th of June one of our great poets Paruyr Sevak left us forever. But his death was physically, as his poetry lives in the soul of each Armenian, and Memory stays in everybody’s heart. We can say this surely as every year many people, who love Sevak, visit his native country Chanakhchi, and put flowers in his memorial in the place where the car accident happened, then in his garden where a tomb is.

It is already 10 years since the citizens of Abovyan, who are fond of Sevak, to owing to Garush Hakobyan, have a chance to visit Zangakatun, put flowers in his tomb and visits his home-museum.

As most of the presents we were also given a chance to read some of Sevak’s works next to his tomb and said words from our heart to his memorial. This year their visit was different as the pupils of “Erzrum” singgroup at the head of Grigor Hambaryan sang songs by Sevak’s words, such as “Erebuni-Yerevan”, “Sardarapat” and so on.

It is important to mention, that every year a childhood friend of P.Sevak Khachik Gevorkyan, for us just “Khachik papik”, welcomes the citizens of Abovyan. He told sweet and tasty stories about the Sevak; lovely comments and about the village peoples at all.

For all this we must also be grateful to Garush Hakobyan who organizes such ceremonies at every occasion making love to P.Sevak deeper.

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