The Festival: Kotayq 2009

The competition festival “Kotayq 2009”, which took place on the 30 of July in the cultural centre of Abovyan, was really dancing celebration for all people, who live in Kotayq and especially for dancing groups of Kotayq. The program of the competition festival consisted of folk and national dances. Two age groups took part in the competition. The presentation was estimated by the jury. The head of the jury was the folk artist of Armenia, the head of the choreography statesmans union of RA. The festival ended with awarding. All the participants were given certificates, which was confirmed by the districts head of Kotayq. The latter had also made two presents for two best dancing groups. The winners of the first, second, third places were awarded by corresponding gold, silver, bronze mementoes. By the way, in the first age group the first prize and the diploma were given to “Minahar” dancing group from Hrazdan. In the second age group the same prize was given to “Husher”dancing group from Abovyan.

     In the end, Arayik Simonyan, the head of the cultural and sport chair of Kotayqs town hall, the organizer of the festival, connected for us, what had given everybody that award: “I think it will promote us to develop dancing art in our district. Of course, Kotayq is famous with different types of art with high quality. We have a lot of dancing groups, which insured that high quality. But there was necessity to see everybody on the same stage, in such celebrating atmosphere, because, first of all, it was exchanging of great experience for all groups and coaches. And the most important was to popularize the dancing art in our district. I think we did it. I am very glad and satisfied with everything”.                                         

         The end of the festival would not be completed, if the master Vanush Khanamiryan would not share with us with his impressions: “I am grateful the district of Kotayq for inviting me to this fine celebration and also for being the head of the jury. I was in several districts, was present in such kind of festivals, but I didnt see such high quality. I have just admired and I hope, that this festival will get traditionally character. Of course, there were some faults, but it is high time to found a dancing school in Kotayq. The union of the dancing art is ready to do his best for the progress of dancing art in Kotayq Marz.

 Sincerely, your Vanush Khanamiryan”.

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