The Abovyan student’s council

The Abovyan student’s council has been founded in 2003 with the initiative of Gagik Tsarukyans “Charitable Fund”. Since 2008, June, the student’s council has been leaded by Venera Gyulinyan. The council has its constitution, flag, hymn, symbol, calendar and uniform. With the sponsorship of Gagik Tsarukyan’s she has been charged with such problems as tuitions covering and supporting free buses to students. For activating the students life the student’s council is organizing number of activities i.e.  walking tours, excursion etc. ( Lusakert , Aragats, Balahovit, Arinj, Khor Virap, Echmiadzin, Haghartsin, Yeghvard , Tsaghkadzor etc ). By initiative of the student’s council the girls and boys basketball group acts in free bases. Later on they have a prospective of working out the other kind of sport.

For encouraging the students, diplomas, letter of thanks have been delivered to them casually or they participate in different seminars, gain new knowledge and exchange their experiment.

Now the council has nearly 540 members the majority of them studies in high educational departments.  Being non public organization, the student’s council is co-operating with other organizations and constructions such as the Echmiadzin student’s council, Haybusak University, Open University and with other cultural groups.

Since October the students council publishes a newspaper titled “The Students Ringing  where we can find every possible tasks and questions connected to students life.  The students have an opportunity to carry out their thoughts, ideas…

 The administration of our website is congratulating them for the illustration of their newspaper hoping to have an occasion to cooperate in future.  

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