little Njdehs started their activities

 If you want to foresee the people’s future,

 have a look at the youngsters…

Garegin Njdeh



In order to have a firm state, steady army and patriotic generation we have to fix our attention to the school. The headmaster of the 6th secondary school Greta Kroyan can be served as a bright example together with the 6th  B  grade class pupils carrying the name “little Njdeh”. Their teacher of history Armine Melqumyan will talk about it.

The idea of forming a class named after Garegin Njdeh how was created?


Last year our director suggested the teachers to name their classes. So without hesitation I chose the name Garegin. Mrs. Kroyan and teachers encouraged the idea and we started its realization.  First of all I begun to study Njdeh’s life and on the 2rd February the little Njdehs started their activities. 

Can you present their activities shortly?

It was started with the ceremony devoted to Garegin Njdeh where were present Gagik Ginosyan and many other guests. The inauguration of the statue and picture hold on in our class as well.  The little Njdehs wore military forms, it is their school uniform now and they attend all kind of memorable holidays, national fêtes and events. Manifold events were organized in the school. 

You marked the idea of wearing military uniform. For sure now many people recognize them in the city, how they accept this phenomenon?

The very first day they attended school there was some kind of excitement but everything wasn’t moving smoothly. But we could prove that caring this cloth at least is a pride. There was a noticeable change in the sphere of education. The positive change is not only due to the cloths but the relationship with other honorable persons, to be noticed and loved by the society and of course the realization that they wear the name after honorable Armenian figure.   

What king of spiritual affections has pupils knowing that many people recognize them?

Firstly it helps them to be an example and the knowledge of the Armenian history, the heroic events, and the idea of wearing uniform made them to appreciate the best and arise in them only the positive qualities.

As a class monitor it’s a heavy load to carry out. How you carry it?   


You are right, but it’s a pleasant load. Beginning this work I see them as good men in future those whom our country needs. Undoubtedly many of them will become excellent specialist later on and will be useful for our country.  But the most important case that they’ll become a Good man. Certainly everything is not formed at once but for sure it must begin from the school age.

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