Artsakh Buniatyan: A popular doctor, soldier, documentalist

Abovyan is known for people having a grate role in historical and cultural life of the city and being our honorable citizens.

A popular doctor, soldier, documentalist Artsakh Buniatyan moved from Abovyan to Berdzor in 1991 following his participation in Karabakh liberation movement.  He stated that Armenians should live in country liberated by severe struggle.  Currently, he lives in Berdzor with grate pleasure, yet he remembers about Abovyan very often, especially the life in regional hospital.  People tell various legends about Artsakh Buniatyan.  They say he had performed such a difficult operations on head with mulberry vodka, saved so many soldiers lives having unspecialized instruments that later other surgeons got surprised on his miracles.

Artsakh Buniatyan was born in Mets-shen village of Martakert region in Nagorno-KarabakhRepublic.  He graduated from YerevanStateMedicalUniversity in 1959.  He received “Maternal gratitude” award in 1994, “Mkhitar Heratsi Medal” in 1998 and the second level order “Battle Cross” in 2000.

He recorded the documental history of war and later published it in 2 volumes under “Bloody Days” title.

He was one of the initiators to transfer the remains of the Great Nzhdeh to homeland.  Afterward, he published a book “The return of Nzhdeh”.


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