St. Stepanos

The exact year of the construction of the church is unknown because of the lack of historical data.

Considering that the grave stone of Priest Astvasatur is dated 1869 and found on the left side of the entrance, it can be supposed that the church was erect in  that year, but taking into consideration its geographical location, it has a longer history.


After the archaeological excavations in the south-western side of the church it was proved that the Elar-Darani castle belonging to the Urartu period and had once reached military economic heights, was located in that area.

Historical source ceased to be so rare in 1851 when the church underwent reconstruction and then in 1864 the belfry was built thanks to the donations of Simeon Aghamalyants.

Being situated on the cross–road of the Yerevan-Sevan and Yerevan-Garni roads the nearby buildings of the church served as refuge.

Now the church is functioning. It is the only church in Armenia called St. Stepanos.


Every year on the 24-25th of December, the days of St. Stepanos’ holiday, many pilgrims visit the church to pray for peace in the world, for unanimity among all Armenians and for firmness of the Armenian Church.

During the last 3 years due to the generous care of the leader of Kotayk parish and the tireless work of the head priest of the church Reverend Abraham, the church has been partially repaired.

Now, the renovations of the church have been stopped and it awaits the assistance of its devoted children.

Photo By Arthur Khachikyan

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