“Elona 2004” The First Spring Season Hair/Nail Design and Modeling Exhibition in Abovyan City

From the earliest age we all need to have our hair cut on a regular basis.
As we progress through life some of us gravitate towards hair as fashion whilst others just get it cut. No matter what… consumers all visit a hairdresser for the rest of our lives.

Most tend to go to the same hairdresser on a regular basis because they like the way they do their hair. Their hairdresser becomes part of their lives whether they realize it or not. A relationship is formed like no other person … a unique relationship…very different to a visit to the doctor or the dentist or the bank!

People from all demographics visit Hairdressers and when they visit it’s invariably a “feel good” visit. As a result people form distinctive relationships with their hairdressers – discussing their wants, needs and even their dreams.

“Elona” – Beauty Salon was established in Abovyan city more than 6 year and collaborating with the famous Beauty studios like Schwarzkopf, Wella, Londa and etc.


Participating in the seminars of the well known studios is the ways of growing the staff’s quality in “Elona”.

Popular artists and reporters, wedding ceremony participants, schoolchildren taking part in a last bell celebration are the most frequently visitors of the “Elona” beauty salon.


Hair Expo has grown to become one of the world’s most significant hairdressing events and throbs with passion, creativity, spirit and vitality. 

“Elona” Beauty Salon organizing a Hair/Nail Design Exhibition, which pushes the envelope in terms of education in Abovyan city, at the same time celebrating the latest innovations in professional hairdressing products and lifestyle essentials.
We look forward to welcoming you to “Elona 2004” Spring Season Exhibition, which is including:


Hair Dressing & Design

Fingertips Manicuring

Face Freshening with Mask & Body Covering

Male and female fashion hair cutting


Exhibition will be held in April 4 at 16:00 in “Elona” beauty salon by the address Hanrapetutyan st. #14.

For additional details please call: 20556

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