The 9-th of May is a Day of Victory

For Armenian people May is  a month of victory beginning from the Second world War till the war in Artsakh.
on the 22-nd of January ,1941 fascist  Germany  on the head of Adolf Hitler  attacked the Soviet Country . The enemy assaulted unexpectedly breaking the  frontiers both the Barrens and Black seas. All the soviet people rose against
the invaders to protect their land. The war ended with bloody battles on the  2-nd of May, 1945 by capture of  Berlin. Officially a declaration of  Victory was made in May, 9. Now this day is thought to be a day of Victory.

The 9-th of May is also celebrated as a victory in Artsakh where thousands  of Armenian people laid down their lives .
To honor this day the citizens of  Abovyan city, the governor Karapet Israyelyan and other representatives put
flowers on an eternal fire to memorize those Armenian people who were killed in  the Second World War and Artsakh. In honor of this day there was a festivity on  the stadium where took part many singers from Abovyan, dance groups and other  famous Armenian stars. The festivity was ended by drawing lotteries. People got
televisions and videotape recorders. The sponsor of this drawing was a  representative of a National Assembly Gagic Tsaroukyan.

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