Sava Company

Sava Company is specialized in production of the finest products made from fresh fruit and vegetables (fruit preserves, jams, confitures, and natural juices).
In year 2000 Sava Company put into operation a newly built factory for processing farm produces. The factory occupies 22000 square meters. Moreover, the company has planted a beautiful orchard with fruit-trees and bushes which comprises over 100 000 square meters.
Unique combination of old Armenian proud traditions of farming and processing and modern European technology gives superb results.

Old traditions of farming, ideal climatic conditions and a plenty of solar days allow farmers to grow huge assortment of excellent ecologically clean fruit and vegetables practically without various fertilizers and pesticides.
Our modern equipment allow us to produce our biologically clean products without preservatives, aromatizes and artificial additives.
Our involvement in the growing fruits and vegetables and long-term relationship with supplier farmers ensure our customers the highest quality.
Thorough research in our extremely modern laboratory and persistent quality control allow us to produce products according to the strictest standards.
Experienced employees, old proud traditions, finest hand-picked primary fruit and the latest technology provide guarantees of supreme quality of
All products from
Sava quite wide product range are able to satisfy the most exquisite demands of our customers.
Sava preserves, jams, juices are a bit of sun and pure nature in the jar! 

Tel: (374 22) 2 74 43, 2 24 03; (374 1) 281 720; Fax: (374 22) 3 74 43;

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