Dance is a God gift given to people, said Komitas

Dance appeared after the humanity was not capable of expressing its feelings and inspiration by means of words or even songs.

Dance is a song of body, a painting expressed with the help of body movements. It is thought sliding. Dance is a feminine coquetry and mans strong blow. If bad people dont have songs, so  weakling  people havent dance. But dance is alive if you spend your life dancing and it dies when you dance not for yourself, but for others.

The same feeling had every citizen of Abovyan city  when on the 15-th of May “Husher” (it means reminiscence) ensemble arrived there  led by an art-adviser and  dance-scenario   Mr. Edgar Avetisyan. This is the second time when in the Palace of Youth a spirit of Armenian people and a soul of its dance have been regenerated peoples mind.

           “Dance is a God gift given to people”, said Komitas. Each of these young people who dances on this stage has this gift. With Nairian dexterity and serpentine movements they presented Armenian dance of “Sasna” (dance of Sasuns).
There were presented a series of Armenian dances such as “Sayat Nova”, “Caravan”, “Artsakh”, “Snow-white Doves” and so on.
Each of this young dancers had an enthusiasm, passion, thirst and dream in his heart.
“I love you with all my soul
with light passion on the whole
You will come and again
Ill try to resist you in vain
       All dreams will belong to you
And even gentle fairies
That are all in sky-blue”.

“Wake up Armenian soul with Arian spirit!!!” With  such appeal the dancers presented “Sardarapat”, “Shalakho”, and a number of other Armenian dancers.
“Husher” ensemble had performances on different kinds of stages. It deserved  such a reward as Grant Pre and nominated as the best dance-group of Abovyan city. This wonderful measure wouldnt take place if there were not such people who became sponsors repeatedly. They are the Governor of Abovyan city Karo Israelyan and “Avazar” company.
Dance is a history which like a bird flies through space and time. Such is an Armenian dance which always was, is and will be a bird of time leading a dance-group “Husher” towards the Future.

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