“Nkough”(cellar) Group Came to Abovyan

What is the life of our youth in Abovyan, if it prefers the so-called freedom  or it is self protected and, at least, what kind of wife must be Armenian woman? With such questions Armenian television shooting group “Nkough”(cellar)  came to Abovyan. The aim of this group was to visit shooting all the 12 marzes of our country and take an interest in what our youth is occupied and what questions it is taken up with, how he spends his free time…


The first one was Kotayk Marz. The shooting will last for a month after which, in June, it will be appeared on the television. There were Student Council, some artists and a group of activists on shooting.

When we were offered the topic:” How people in Abovyan city accept the so-called “white crows”, speaking frankly, we didn’t know how to begin: the topic was so global! But after the first answer, the microphone couldn’t find it’s place: it was always passed from hand to hand, not being stopped for a second.


We began a spontaneous conversation and didn’t notice how passed these three hours. And ones more I came to a conclusion that we have a beautiful city, wholesome and diligent youth, that each of us is somehow a “white crow”. And even though we try to make our free time in Yerevan more interesting, it is not the most important thing.

At the end of the conversation they invited us to their club “Nkough” where the youth gathers and organizes different kinds of measures. We decided to co-operate with them and to make a plan, that each Marz will select an active group for passing all the news of their town which will concern to the youth to shooting group “Nkough”.
Let’s wish them lucky shooting and wait for our program which will take place on a Public television on the 12-th of June at
18:00, and its reiteration on the 14-th, at 15:00.

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