18-th anniversary of the tragedy in Chernobyl

“Life or Death”. Everything happened under their eyes. After the tragedy in Chernobyl life became a struggle for many people. God knows how it could happen on this land and what concequences it turned out for the inhabitance of this territory even for several generations. This year is the 18-th anniversary of the tragedy in Chernobyl. On this occasion there was organized an exhibition in a music school by Zare Sahakyan where in the school of art students from the age of 11 to 17 were able to express their feeling and wishes by means of painting. If you take a good look at their paintings you can find that each of them expresses a willing to a peaceful life. The painting of Armen Babertyan attracted its attention with a very unusual picture that showed three periods of time at the same time: the Past- bloody tragedy 18 years ago; the Presence- time and the earth bringing step-by-step to ruins; and the Future which says: “Lets look back and live righteously not to make the nature turn away from us.

 “Before this exhibition there was the opening of a tombstone in Abovyan to memorize victims of Chernobyl. This project belongs to a former official of internal affairs Y. Arakelyants. This project first took place in Abovyan city and, as Mr. Arakelyants said:”I would like this measure take place in other marzes of our country as well”.


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