I won the world

I won the world!” This was the name of the following show of theatre club which belonged to Armenian Evangelical Church of Abovyan city. This show was dedicated to St. Easter which took place in the House of Culture. on 28-th of April.
The author of this presentation was Armen Karapetyan.
This is the only child’s theatre in Abovyan city so often amazing its audience.
When you look at such kids you can’t keep thinking that each of them has a god gift. You just must find and take care of it. Even if they won’t be  great actors, our city’s audience is intelligent and clever enough to appreciate the art, theatre and will love our country –

Armenian Evangelitical Church (AEC) appeared at the second part of the 19-th century on account of ecclesiastical renaissance in Caucasus and K.Police . The existence of ArmenianEvangelisticalChurch for 150 years affirms that this church is an association of love, belief and reverence which mission always was a devotion to God, Christians,  Armenian people and Nation.
ArmenianEvangeliticalChurch as a  basis of Christian belief accepted a collection of donation formed in 325 during the first meeting of CosmicChurch as well as Apostolic donation. This means that AEC being on the same level with worldwide churches such as Apostolic and Catholic churches is thought to be true on all the biblical laws. This year on the 1st of JulyArmenian  EvangeliticalChurch will celebrate its 158 anniversary, the founder of which in Armenia
is Dr. Rene Levonyan.
Now there is a
EvangeliticalEcclesiasticalAcademy in Yerevan. The center of ArmenianEvangeliticalChurch charity is an AEC association by means of which there are many educational Christian centers. One of such centers works in Abovyan city from 2000 on Anahit Voskanyan’s responsibility. This center has for about 100 students. There are lots of clubs such as youth-clubs, theatre, embroidery, knitting, crochet- work, wood-carving, child chor, painting and manual work. And all this is done on the basis of charity. The theatre club of this center which producer is Armen Karapetyan has already given five performances in the House of Culture with the purpose of charity.

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