1915 Armenian Genocide in the Turkish Empire

A great transmigration of Armenian people from Western Armenia , Kilikia and Osmanian Empire was accomplished by Turkey during the First World War(1914-1918).
The Turkish politics of Armenian massacre was committed on the pretext of pan Turkism which at the second part of the 19-th century became a promotion of Osmanian State Empire. this is a century of honor and rights first for Armenian youth and all people, an expression of its national dignity. And until the world admit it loudly as a genocide, voice of blood wont cease  and from generation to generation it would be more and more accepted as a genocide, an intentional destruction of Armenian people. This is the recurrent year when in the evening of the 23-rd of April a group of Armenian youth accomplish an organized demarche  to Tsitsernakaberd.

Such an action also was taken  place this year in April 23, 2004 with about 1500 people from such organizations that are Regional Youth Councils, “Nikol Albakyan” students association and Armenian National Organization of Scouts and such cities and towns as Yerevan, Abovyan, Armavir etc.
Our youth with lit torches moved from Opera square towards
Baghramyan avenue and Kievlyan street to Tsitsernakaberd and lit the eternal fire to honor victims of genocide. Some representatives of Armenian National Organization of Scouts which consisted of 30 young people from Abovyan city on the head of Romanos Petrosyan expressed the most activity in this demarche.
Due to Romanos Petrosyan the aim of this demarche was to raise morale of Armenian youth and demand of justice.


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