Essay competition: My City Abovyan

Abovyan one of the most beautiful,
the youngest and developing cities in Armenia
which was built in 1963. It is  situated in Kotayk marz, is divided into micro-regions. The city has many  streets, squares and yards. Especially for the last some years it was thoroughly  planted with trees and bushes and surrounded with  garden in full bloom.
Abovyan city is called under the name of a famous literary man and founder of  literature Khachatur Abovyan. In honor of this man there was erected his bust  beside a City Committee. There are also monuments to commemorate the people
killed in the Second World War. And this everything is surrounded with beautiful  and wonderful flowers and magnificent fountains.

Many measures take place  here at holidays. It is such a pleasure to walk here in a cool of evening
admiring this beauty.Here, near a City  Committee you can find a tombstone dedicated to
victims of genocide. Every year in April, 24 the citizens of this  city in the head of our governor come to put flowers on this tombstone in  commemoration  of those awful days when thousands of innocent armenian
people were killed for few days. On the way to Saraland on a top of a small hill  you can see a monument of a King Trdat the first and a bull, which describes the  scene when the king bracing all his muscles winning the victory over the  bull.

In the center of Abovyan city near Garni cinema, you can see  a small yard where the old people are able to come and just have a rest or talk  to those of their own age. If you cross the street you can get to a boulevard,
all in trees and singing of the birds. In this boulevard you can also find the  Eternal Fire which devoted to people of The Second World War.

In 2003,  October 19 a great measure took place in a big stadium to celebrate the 40-th  anniversary of our city. This shows that such kinds of parties and holidays are  indivisible part of our city.

7-th “d” school#10, Teacher: Karine


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