Essey Competition: My City Abovyan

The administration of Internet site summing up the results of competitions written in English on the topic ” My City – Abovyan” informs that the winner of this competition is a student of 6-“a” form of school No 10 Gohar Mouradyan, who won a prize with amount of 10000 drams. Availing of this opportunity we thank the administration of Abovyan school #10, the teacher of English  Karine Shatveryan and a webmaster Armine Kharatyan for the given support.

Dear Gohar, we welcome your victory and wish you good luck in you further education!!!

My City Abovyan

Every morning when I open my window and when I look out, I think that I am very happy as I live in such a beautiful city which name is Abovyan.

The morning breez is playing with the pages of Khachatur Abovyan’s book which is on my table. He was one of the most famous writers of 19-th centure and whose name was given to my city. I like the day-break of my city when the rays of the sun touch the stones of the buildings, when steet is alive by the voices of children who are going to school.
I like my school, my yard, the trees of our yard. they are one part of my city, aren’t they?

Abovyan has many beautiful monuments and parks. There is a hotel in our city which name is “Sipan”. There are many restaurants, cafes and disco-bars here. There is also a House of Culture where our teenagers can learn many useful things. There are eleven schools in our city and the best is our school #10.
When I am walking around the streets I feel happy.I know that I am in my native city where everything is dear to me. I miss my city when I am not here for several days.

In the evenings the rays of sun hide behind the mountain which name is “Hadis” and the moon suddenly appears. I am sitting on the balcony and admiring the moon.
the I whisper:” Good night my dear city …”
and I am going to bed

(Gohar Mouradyan, 6a, the teacher- Karine Shatveryan)


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