“Karap” (swan) dance club from Iranian Armenian Community

Probably everyone has get acquainted with the dance club “Karap” ( swan) of the community “Charmahal”, which is from Tehran-Iran. This time we represent the dance club as a respectable guest of Abovyan City.

The Armenian National Choreography has invited “Karap” dance club , and they are here for the first time and are going to celebrate their 20th anniversary. The first concert of “Karap” has taken place on September 11, in Complex after Stepan Demirchyan.


The second welcome was in AbovyanCity where the mayor of the Abovyan K. Israelyan welcomed the guests with traditional “salt and bread”. The Abovyan “Husher”( memoir) dance club greeted the guests with their marvelous dance either. In their turn “Karap” dance club gifted our mayor a memento ( picture). The dance of the “Karap” was rather beautiful, they were dancing putting their soul in it. I’m too happy that in abroad exist such clubs, musicians, painters and generally individuals who keep our national culture in foreign territory.


Everybody was exited and the participants also, as it was respectable concert for them to play in their native country ( noticed the dancers). And for the head of this club Suzan Najaryan, our mayor K. Israelyan made a surprise. He gave Suzan a certificate for the work that she was doing outside the native country – in the Republic of Iran – and for the cultural corporation with Abovyan City.


The last concert of “Karap” will take place in town Gumri.

“Karap” – we wish you numerous big stages, many audiences… We liked you and wait for your future concerts again.  

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